Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sheer Madness

It’s T-minus 5 until the season premiere of Mad Men, which, I can safely say without a hint of hyperbole, is one of the best shows on television on any planet, in any galaxy.

Like any good Maddict, in preparation for the Big Event, I’ve made a computerized Mad Men character of myself, courtesy of I’ve submitted pics to an open casting call for a walk-on part in an upcoming episode (fingers crossed!). I’ve picked out an appropriate 60s-era style outfit for Sunday’s televised extravaganza. And I plan to watch the marathon of last season’s episodes so that I’m fully prepared for every plot twist and boozy innuendo that may arise on Sunday.

I know. This isn’t normal behavior for someone older than 13. DuranDuran might evoke such insanity in a seventh grader, but Don Draper prompting such lunacy from a…well, someone considerably older?

Here’s the thing though: I’m not alone. There are Maddicts everywhere—thousands, nay, millions of us. It truly is a mad, mad world.


  1. I think I'll stick with Stephen Colbert for now. But you are definitely very amusing, entertaining, and especially insightful.

  2. Marie, you absolutely, positively HAVE to watch Mad Men. You would love it.