Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What He Said

So, I was all set to write something on all the variations of the Snuggie. You know, those ridonkulous blanket-cum-robes that, despite their lunatic premise have sprouted up in a rainbow of garish colors for people and pets alike. Yes, pets.

Many talented writers have opined on this most important cultural phenomenon, not the least of which is Joe Posnanski, who, in my opinion, has written the definitive Snuggie treatise. Surely, I thought, there was something else I could add. In my intense research of the Snuggie, I came across this video. It's not new, but like the classics, it's worth revisiting. I think I'll just leave it with that.


  1. This is hilarious! I was just joking the other day that if it gets any colder during these final days of my pregnancy humungousness, I may have to purchase a Snuggie , belt it, and call it a coat.
    Now that would really incite a flurry of "WTF!?"

  2. Worry not. I will never allow you to wear a Snuggie. I don't care how cold it gets.

  3. OMG I needed that laugh.. am passing this one along!