Sunday, December 13, 2009

As Seen on TV

The Comas doggies have a Secret Santa. And an ironic one at that.

Yesterday in the mail we received two Snuggies for Dogs. Yes, the blanket coat with sleeves has been such a runaway hit that pooches of every size clamored that one be made especially for them. Readers of this space are familiar with my position on all things Snuggie, so needless to say this Snuggerific present positively tickled me.

What I perhaps love most about the Snuggie for Dogs is the marketing. It’s nothing short of brilliant.

First, right there on the front of the box, the copywriting addresses dogs, noting in big bubble print that the Snuggie “keeps you warm and your paws free!” Finally a company selling things made in China is addressing its canine audience in a straightforward fashion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve strolled the aisles of my neighborhood pet store with our pups only to walk out with them grumbling about how nothing caught their eye. Why? Because no one took them seriously enough as consumers to market directly to them. The Snuggie for Dogs silences that complaint once and for all.

Second, The Snuggie for Dogs addresses that age-old issue of dogs not being able to have their paws free to engage in everyday doggie activities. You know, like backgammon.

Or channel surfing.

After reading all about the advertised promises on the box, our pup couldn’t wait to try his Snuggie on. The adjustable hook & loop Velcro tabs in the back indeed provided the perfect fit, just as the box said.

Now, our pup’s paws are free to put his own shoes on.

Surf the Internet.

Read the newspaper.

Practice his short game.

Make eggs.

Our puppy’s life has been made all the more full by his new blanket coat with sleeves! Snuggie sender, reveal yourself!


  1. Love this post! I hope the mystery is solved!

  2. Nice, with all those canine activities, I'm thinking there is a whole new market of gadgets for the dog on the go. Can an Iphone for dogs be next? Finally the television exec. from "Scrooged" dreams are coming true, marketing for animals.

  3. Oh Monica this is awesome! SOOOO funny! I never laugh out loud on the computer anymore, but you got me!

  4. Thanks, guys! Kona is unstoppable in his Snuggie. Yesterday he was playing Wii, doing a puzzle and baking a cake. Unreal.