Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ko’s Koup

Do you see the date?

It’s 2011 and my human hasn’t posted a blog in…well, more months than I’m capable of counting. It’s high time I took matters into my own paws: I hereby rename this cricket-quiet nook of the blogosphere Kona’s Korner!

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have opposable thumbs; I’m only a pup; I can’t spell. All true. And yet, none of this matters, for I have stories that must be heard. Tales that must be shared. Oooooo...TOY!

But I digress. I’ll save my thoughts about the unfairness of prohibiting me and my four-legged friends from patronizing New York establishments for another post.

Today, I want to talk about snow.

I love snow.

So do my humans.

They recently went to a mountainous place where the snow was so deep they had to attach big popsicle sticks to their boots to slide around. While they were there, I got to stay with my Aunt Ermenia--one of my favorite humans. I'd trade all my toys to spend more time with her--she's like a puppy in human form! I think I might just log onto Petspedia to book my humans on another vacation.

But first…a nap.


  1. You know you are cute Ko, when it can't be determined where you are in the pile of stuff toys.

  2. I love this Monica - so, so, so cute and funny. Can't wait to hear from Ko again!!!

  3. agreed... more of the Ko!